What is the "Magic" of Transitions® lens technology? Photochromic molecules are the "magic" technology inside each Transitions®lens. As you experience different lighting conditions throughout your day, the molecules adapt by changing structure. This automatic change causes the lens to get darker, as well as return to be as clear as an ordinary, non-photochromic lens. The molecules are triggered to change by exposure to specific wave-lengths of light.
Original Transitions ® lenses are activated by UV light. This is why the lens activates when outdoors but not indoors.
Transitions®XTRActive lenses are activated by UV light as well as visible wavelengths of purple and blue light giving the lens slight activation indoors and increased activation behind the windshield of the car and even more activation outdoors.
Transitions®lens products continues to be the most advanced featuring photochromic lens technology and remains the best choice to improve vision by enhancing your ability to discern objects of varying size, brightness and contrast, giving you the gift of better sight everyday and in any light condition.
Our company is using only the latest Transitions® lenses in our frames.
Transitions® is registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc.

Be aware! "Transition", "Transitional", is frequently used words by imitations.


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